Everyone feels nervous at times. In fact, anxiety serves a purpose in life. It is protective in dangerous situations where “fight or flight” may be necessary, enhancing senses and increasing response time. Clinical anxiety is not just “feeling stressed”. Anxiety disorders can be physically and mentally harmful creating a cascade of physical and chemical reactions in the body that can be damaging to mental and physical well being. People with clinical anxiety may have problems with work or school performance, relationship problems, or difficulty going into social or public situations.


If you are experiencing anxiety and worry, plus 3 or more of the following symptoms most days for the past 6 months, you may have Clinical Anxiety.


Genetics (family history), biology (early life stress, health, physical condition, substance use history, trauma), stressors (work, family problems, financial difficulties).


The most effective treatments for anxiety disorders include medication management (antidepressants, sedatives, sleep aids), psychotherapy (cognitive behavioral therapy), and lifestyle management (adequate sleep, healthy eating, regular exercise, maintaining good physical health, avoiding substances). Supplements may also be helpful. 

There are several anxiety disorders and our clinicians are experts at identifying and diagnosing anxiety disorders. Make an appointment today for an evaluation and treatment plan that may include prescription medication, psychotherapy, lifestyle recommendations or all of the above.